SINGLE REVIEW: A Lover’s Christmas by On Ember ft. Blend

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As the title implies, A Lover’s Christmas is a Christmas holiday song written by faith-driven songwriter Tre Carn. In 2016, he moved from a role in creative management back to his real love of songwriting. He wrote and released his first Christmas song December 24th (One Night) which ended up being played on rotation on many radio stations around the world. That song is now being re-released this Christmas.

This song, A Lover’s Christmas, is a slightly different festive song in that it concentrates on the perspective of a romantic couple at that time of year. Songwriter Tre Carn explains, “I believe that love and faith are our biggest sources of inspiration, and this time I chose to step out the box a little and focus on the love side of things and the romantic events of a couple at Christmas time.”

Musically, it is a finely crafted duet song featuring the female vocals of Blend. Starting with some gorgeous harmonies, the bedrock of the music is piano, guitar and strings which create a warm soundscape. The vocal melody is instantly memorable and the combination of male and female lead vocals works well, with their respective voices complementing each other nicely. Lyrically, it is deeply romantic in nature which will appeal to couples in love, in particular.

Overall, this is another excellent Christmas song by a talented songwriter of deep faith. No faith is necessary to enjoy this track, or indeed Christmas itself, and the sentiment will appeal to people of all walks of life. I expect this song to be as successful as his previous (and shortly re-released) festive song December 24th (One Night).

VERDICT = 8.6 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner


Release date: 16th November 2018

Listen here:


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