SINGLE REVIEW: Do What You Gotta Do by Dejhare

Dejhare (pronounced Dei-Jhar) is a singer and songwriter based in San Jose, California. She first released an eponymous six-track E.P. in the autumn of 2018, which was popular. Dejhare then released her debut full length album, Unbreakable, in 2019. This brought her more acclaim and expanded her fanbase. 2020 has seen the release of D7, a seven track experimental album that featured reinterpretations and dance versions of seven songs from Unbreakable.

This latest track, Do What You Gotta Do, is specifically about the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected all our lives so much worldwide. It’s immediately become one of her most popular tracks, and it’s easy to see why. Musically, it’s a very catchy pop/dance track whilst lyrically it’s a song that almost everyone will be able to relate to, as we learn to grapple with the “new normal”.

Starting with pulsing, upbeat synths, when Dejhare’s instantly distinctive vocal sound enters it melds with the EDM production style perfectly. Her sound brings to mind the anthemic, euphoric Europop of Lady Gaga, combining her exotic vibe with a style all of her own. The verses depict how everything we experienced as regular life has been turned upside down (“No more dining out…“).

It’s the chorus where this song really shines, lyrically combining personal responsibility with not losing your essential humanity and empathy: “Wear your mask but never close your heart!” This is a vital and inspiring message in a time where crucial efforts to save lives also mean social isolation and an unnatural distance between us all. Musically, the hook is instantly infectious and the middle “bridge” section provides another memorable refrain: “The new normal, we have to adopt, the new normal, we have to what you gotta do.”

Overall, Do What You Gotta Do feels like Dejhare’s most important release so far and, musically, captures her at the height of her powers. Mainstream pop needs to reflect the highly serious nature of the times we’re living in, whilst retaining the qualities of timeless great songwriting. Dejhare has managed to achieve this difficult balancing act and it deserves to be her breakthrough track to a huge worldwide audience.

VERDICT = 9 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

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