SINGLE REVIEW: Pole Vault (Club Mix) by Jamit & Franco Paulsen ft. Yuriko

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Jamit is an electronica/EDM composer and producer who grew up in Australia but is now based in Singapore. The past few months have seen a plethora of instrumental releases, including Multiplayer Erotica, Lovers and Rockers, Solar Power and Star of Wonder. His music is essentially psychedelic trance with other aspects of EDM genres incorporated into the sound, along with innovative use of spoken word samples.

After the recent release of Taeb Ecnad, his reinterpretation of a 1969 reggae classic by King Stitt and Clancy Eccles, this club mix of a track called Pole Vault is a return to the extended epic psytrance/techno style of his previous release Female Medieval Jester. This track is a collaboration with fellow producer Franco Paulsen and vocalist Yuriko. Paulsen recently moved from South Africa to Melbourne and Jamit visited him there to work on the track. Owing to the wonders of modern technology, Yuriko was able to record her vocals in Singapore.

The track is nearly ten minutes long, but sustains the listener’s interest to the very end due to the cleverly structured arrangement that allows the music to grow gradually and organically. Starting with a punchy ‘four to the floor’ kick and subtle atmospheric synths, we hear brief snatches of Yuriko’s ethereal, reverb-drenched vocals float across the sonic spectrum.

For the first three minutes the percussion builds from the subtle psytrance beat to a harder-hitting techno beat over an ostinato low-end synth. This is layered with atmospheric synths and Yuriko’s vocals until it breaks down into a dreamy, psychedelic section before building back up for another storming three minutes to bring this epic track to a climactic conclusion.

Overall, this is a very successful collaboration between Jamit and his talented musical cohorts. It’s a return to the expansive and epic style that Jamit does so well and his collaborators bring their own creative flavour to the music. Guaranteed to slay on the dancefloor, it will further enhance Jamit’s reputation as the finest in his field.


VERDICT = 8.7 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


Listen HERE