SINGLE REVIEW: Something Else by Tim Spriggs

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Tim Spriggs is a singer and songwriter hailing from Australia. He grew up in an environment surrounded by music, learning guitar along the way. Over the past ten years he has been honing his songwriting craft and this has culminated in the release of his first material, a five song EP called Something Else, with this being the title track and lead single. His music is essentially in the genre of acoustic pop though he has stated that he listens to a wide array of artists and genres.

To my ear, Tim Spriggs belongs in a long lineage of acoustic singer/songwriters and troubadours. His finger picking style recalls classic songwriters of the past like Nick Drake and Cat Stevens, along with more modern artists like Ed Sheeran and George Ezra. Vocally, Tim is blessed with a rich baritone voice, singing in a low register similar to Ezra and not sounding unlike fellow Australian Nick Cave at times.

Something Else is exquisitely recorded, consisting of crystal clear acoustic guitar and vocals, at least to begin with. The song is about individuality and making your own choices despite the influence of others: “They tell me what I want, maybe it’s what I need….but I want something else…”. The first section features some fine Nick Drake-esque finger picking from Spriggs, who has developed a unique style as a guitarist.

This minimal style is nice contrasted by a 2/4 section featuring some Western-style whistling and tastefully driven electric guitar. The resulting sound is very polished and radio friendly, which bodes well for his commercial prospects. More importantly, the song has a memorable hook and an emotive quality that is best described as ‘real’, clearly written from the heart.

Overall, this is an extremely accomplished song from an artist who has emerged fully formed and hit the ground running. He has developed his own style so that he stands out from the crowd yet would not sound out of place next to similar sounding artists on mainstream radio, a difficult and vital balancing act. I expect his music to gain rapidly in popularity and the release of his debut album could make a seriously strong impact on the music world.


VERDICT: 8.7 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


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SINGLE REVIEW: Something Else by Cap’n Richie

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Cap’n Richie is the moniker of dance producer/songwriter Richard Richter, who hails from the Netherlands. His music is essentially in the EDM category, but he combines genres of EDM in his own inimitable style. So far this year he has already released High & Higher Volume 1 and an EP of old school DnB (drum and bass) called Instead of Words.

He has also released High & Higher Volume 2 from which this track, Something Else, is taken. This release has already reached 123,000 streams on Soundcloud alone. Something Else is a mixture of house, glitch and DnB, an unusual combination which works very effectively. It notably features the female lead vocals of Odilia Carmen, who gives a charismatic performance.

It begins with a mind blowing, almost psychedelic array of glitch and DnB beats melded with constantly morphing synths and atmospheric effects. Olilia’s soulful vocals enter, also put through all manner of production tricks. After a short section of complex vocal refrains, the rhythm shifts to a more regular four-to-the-floor house beat along with the very catchy title hook. The rest of the track alternates between these two rhythmic styles, balanced with great control and expertise.

Overall, this a very well produced EDM track in the DnB/Glitch house genre by a writer/producer who has become a master of his craft. It manages to perfectly balance the opposing styles involved so that it is both danceable yet sonically inventive and different to most EDM. With his popularity growing exponentially with each new release, Something Else might be the track that gets everybody talking about Cap’n Richie and deservedly so.


VERDICT: 8.5 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner

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