SINGLE REVIEW:All Night Long by Matthew Schultz ft. Gyptian & Rico Tayla


Matthew Schultz is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and performer who started out playing guitar in Chris Daughtry’s first band.  He has already made a strong impact on the music industry with his previous releases. His first single, Money or Me, was produced by Armando Guarnera and earned him a nomination at the 2013 EOTM Awards, as well as one for best new male artist. He followed this up with Crazy Heart (ft. Alessia Guarnera) in 2014, then in 2015 he released We Own The Night (feat. Jim Jones).

This latest release follows on from the Promise For Keeps single in January, as well as the remix which featured the Jamaican reggae singer Gyptian. He had crossover success in 2010 when his song Hold Yuh reached 91 in the Billboard Hot 100, followed by an album of the same name which reached number 2 in the Billboard Reggae charts. Hold Yuh went on to become a chart hit worldwide.

All Night Long also features another member from the Yard Style Entertainment stable, the performer and producer Rico Tayla. Rico grew up in several communities including Kingston, Portmore and New York, raised in a musical household. He regards his influences as Bounty Killer, Kanye West and Bob Marley, amongst others, and has produced and mixed records for Gyptian, I Octane, British R&B songstress Keisha White and grime legend Wiley.

This track continues on from the last release stylistically; it fuses reggae, dancehall and Afro Beat with EDM to create a truly cutting edge sound. Produced to a very high standard by JJ Sizzle, Johnny Thomas Jr. and Matthew Schultz it features some mind bending vocal effects that give it an almost futuristic vibe.

It starts with pulsing, filtered synths and the lead vocal sets the mood instantly: “When you start feeling that buzz all through your body… know you can’t hide it“. The verse has a lilting, reggae-tinged rhythm, then hits a solid four-to-the-floor EDM groove on the epic chorus. Built around a simple, naggingly catchy vocal refrain, the effects-laden vocals are interspersed with short spoken lines that form another hook throughout the rest of the track.

The second verse offers a different, more rhythmic and infectious vocal melody to the smooth melody of the first verse, followed by the chant of “DJ, please turn it up” on the bridge amongst some wild pitch-shifting production effects. After the second chorus, Rico Tayla delivers an entertaining cameo rap, (“When we party, we party hard, Kingston, Jamaica, the party yard…..”) before all the hooks of the track combine for the final choruses.

Overall, this is another slam dunk of an EDM/dancehall track by Matthew Schultz and his talented cohorts. Tailor made for the dancefloor, and produced with its finger on the pulse, Schultz and Gyptian provide great vocals and Rico Tayla makes a fine contribution. This is going to make waves in the clubs and could go on to become the feel good song of the summer, as well as an instant hit in the meantime.



VERDICT: 9 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


SINGLE REVIEW: Mean Machine by Fatty Boomba

MM COVER 3_preview

Fatty Boomba hail from Melbourne, Australia and are the musical brainchild of Peter Josef Hofbauer (PJ). Having reached the top 10 of the International Songwriting Contest, they released their debut single It’s The Life to great acclaim, launching it to thousands on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. In 2016, they picked up airplay on hundreds of commercial and alternative networks nationally and will be releasing a new E.P. in 2018 called Girls Girls Girls!

This track, Mean Machine, starts with a four note pulsing synth and handclaps, the vocals entering confidently. They are soon aided by a pounding four-to-the-floor beat with strident lyrics to match: “I’m so dynamite, two thousand Fahrenheit….”. It breaks down for the bridge section using which works as a pre-chorus, building to the full chorus section with effective momentum and musical tension.

The chorus hook is simple and instantly memorable: “I’m a steam train rollin’ around, I’m a mean machine running it down…”, with a nice harmony on the repeat. The second verse digs a little deeper lyrically, giving the song a bit more edge: “Been beaten down, been kicked around, pushed out of line….”. It then adds a variation on the main melody after the second chorus, before returning to the main hook to wrap it up nicely.

Overall, this is a highly effective pop/EDM track that combines a pop song structure with the elements of EDM that are needed to get people’s feet moving on the dancefloor. The song is packed with catchy hooks, especially the killer chorus, giving it an appeal that will go far beyond dance fans and should go down a storm with the Maroon 5 crowd. With such a strong musical persona, Fatty Boomba have every chance of making a big name for themselves, especially with more music as good as this.



VERDICT: 8.5 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

SINGLE REVIEW: Promise For Keeps by Matthew Schultz


Matthew Schultz is an artist with an interesting background in the entertainment industry, having been involved in it since his teen years. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and performer who started out playing guitar in Chris Daughtry’s first band. He’s also diversified into acting, cast for a role in The Dark Knight Rises as well as roles in the award-winning short film Redemptio and comedy 10 Rules For Sleeping Around, amongst others.

He has already made a strong impact on the music industry with his previous releases. His first single, Money or Me, was produced by Armando Guarnera and earned him a nomination at the 2013 EOTM Awards, as well as one for best new male artist. He followed this up with Crazy Heart (ft. Alessia Guarnera) in 2014, then in 2015 he released We Own The Night (feat. Jim Jones). Last year saw a house remix of this track by Follow The Moon gain considerable popularity. These releases were all widely acclaimed and he has accumulated a huge following on Facebook and Twitter in the process.

His latest single, Promise For Keeps, sees him return to the fray in some style. Musically, it is has its finger on the pulse, blending elements of EDM and Major Lazer-esque dancehall to create a fresh sounding, cutting edge pop track. The theme is highly romantic, with the protagonist pondering the idea of long-term commitment to the new love in his life: “I love that I’m close to you, so much love to show to you, I hope I’m not thinking too far ahead….”.

It starts with just vocals and synths, gradually building with light percussion up to the first chorus, which is instantly memorable the first time you hear it. In the second verse a four-to-the-floor beat kicks in and the track starts to really groove. This incrementally structured arrangement means there is frequency something new entering the mix and so doesn’t get old after repeated listens, there is always something drawing the listener in. After the track has built up to a full beat, there’s a drop down section which works well dynamically, making the last choruses more effective.

There are several hooks that deployed throughout the song that make it super catchy, such as the romantic “I’ll take you far from here…”, “Let’s plant a seed for love to grow” and the philosophical “You reap what you sow and you sow what you reap“. The laid back tempo is reminiscent of Drake’s monster hit One Dance, and you can imagine this track going down equally well in a nightclub.

Overall, Matthew Schultz has come up with a first rate piece of modern pop that effortlessly blends several genres and styles, which will work equally well on the radio and the dancefloor. It’s a song that will fit in perfectly in the current musical landscape of Taylor Swift, Drake and Justin Bieber, with mainstream pop the place where the innovations are being made. In short, it has massive hit written all over it. With an army of fans awaiting new material, he will undoubtedly make many new ones with this single, and 2018 could find him taking his success to a new level.


VERDICT: 9.1 out of 10

Alex Faulkner




JDR are an EDM duo who are based in Sydney, Australia, consisting of two pop/dance producers and performers called Derrick Attwood and Joshua Paltoo. Both attendants of the JMC Academy, they have perfected their skills over time and Only U is the first fruit of their labours, at least that has been released so far.

Despite being only recently released it has accrued a sizeable amount of attention, with a large amount of views/streams on YouTube and Spotify , as well as enjoying radio play on multiple top level Australian radio stations. Their music is perfectly in keeping with the current musical climate in dance music, a combination of Calvin Harris-esque pop EDM, with the laid back dancehall grooves of Major Lazer.

This track, Only U, starts with filtered synths, the catchy beat soon entering with a brief flourish of Spanish guitar. The smooth-as-velvet vocals of Joshua Paltoo take the verse, contrasted nicely by Derrick Attwood’s distinctive tone. Taking turns on the verse and bridge is effective and they sound great in combination on the instantly memorable chorus. Lyrically, it is standard fare for dance music, about being transfixed by the charms of a girl and having one aim in mind: “The night is young and there’s so much love to explore…”. A few lines in Spanish give the track an exotic flavour and should help the popularity in Spanish speaking countries.

Overall, this track has a lot going for it; a superbly produced Latino-flavoured piece of EDM that is equally radio and dancefloor friendly. It will appeal to the currently huge mainstream dance crowd and beyond due to its fine pop sensibilities. If you’re a fan of Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Juetin Bieber and Major Lazer, JDR will find a strong place in your hearts and this song has summer smash written all over it.


VERDICT: 8.7 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


SINGLE REVIEW: Darkness (ft Elizabeth Robinson) by RaR

Screenshot-2017-12-31 Darkness (feat Elizabeth Robinson) [Radio Edit] - Single by Rar on iTunes

RaR are an EDM duo hailing from Sydney, Australia. They are currently known to the world as Rich and Raymo, with Rich having been involved in the dance music industry for some time, working in venues all around the world, including London. Raymo, until recently, had not been involved with music, but in 2017 they decided to join forces and commit to their great passion for dance music on a full-time basis.

This track, Darkness, featuring the vocal talents of New Zealand soul singer Elizabeth Robinson, is the perfect showcase for their musical synergy and expert production. Essentially, its an ode to the joys of dancing and clubbing, starting with a vocal intro: “I feel so free in the darkness, amongst the lights and smoke…”. Then enters a catchy synth riff which is layered throughout the track.

RaR know how to structure a track for the dancefloor, with the music building up to a climax then exploding into a full beat. The main hook is the euphoric vocal refrain of “Round and round we go”, Elizabeth sounding magnificent at the top of her range. They then take the music back down and build it up once more, an established technique but highly effective. It’s the potent and catchy melodic hooks that make Darkness stand out from the crowd.

Overall, this is a first class piece of EDM, that sounds fresh and current in the musical climate of similar artists like Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers and David Guetta. With more tracks as good as Darkness, RaR will become a force to be reckoned with, and this could well be the single that launches them into the stratosphere.


VERDICT: 8.5 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner


Listen HERE


E.P. REVIEW: Balloons by Dechard



SINGLE REVIEW: Brightest Blessings by Denise Renee Caplock

THESSALONIKI GREECE MAY 8 2014:People taking photographs with touch smart phone during a music concert live on stage for the Ace of Heart tour at Sports arena in Thessaloniki.

Denise Renee Caplock is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and publisher hailing from Staten Island, New York. She grew up in a musical environment, with her mother a gospel singer signed to the Scepter record label. Denise sang in church and went on to join the group Staten 7.

After working in radio and the music industry, she began her way towards being a recording artist when her mother passed away and music became a huge solace to her. This track, Brightest Blessings, was inspired by the loss of her sister Patricia. Denise says the song “summarizes being judged, talked about yet still wishing others the best of everything”.

Musically, the track is an original and innovative hybrid of different genres. It starts with an EDM-style pounding bass drum, exotic percussion and a catchy riff played on what sounds like a banjo, giving it a country element. On top of this, Denise lays down a distinctive spoken word vocal, describing the importance of trying to help others and not knock them down.

Then a soulful descending piano progression enters, which lends the track a gospel feel. The percussion becomes more complex and insistent, giving it a real sense of rhythmic momentum. Denise then begins a lengthy sung section that shows her impressive vocal range. Towards the end, we hear some wild organ and bass playing, bringing the music to an uplifting climax.

Overall, this is an inspiring track that blends several musical styles in an inventive way, as well as blending spoken word and singing. Ultimately, it is an upbeat dance song that could become popular on the clubs, but it’s also just enjoyable to listen to due to its infectious beat and positive message.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.2 out of 10