E.P. REVIEW: The Infinity Cove Sessions: Overture

Sir Magnus is an award winning Pop/EDM artist and songwriter, originally born in Syracuse but now based in Las Vegas. After over a decade being successful in the corporate world he decided something was missing from his life and that was music, his first love. He made the bold decision to relocate to Las Vegas and began his musical career. He’s since had a lot of success with releases including Lips, Grand Central Station and The Decree EP, amongst others. This led to him winning a SAMMY award and he has become a leading voice in the black artistic community.

This EP, The Infinity Cove Sessions: Overture, consists of six tracks (plus a remix of the track Fear) and breaks out of the blocks strongly with what could be considered the title track, Infinity. It’s a vibrant, superbly crafted EDM/Pop track with a decidedly futuristic sound and production style. Opening with a haunting and evocative synth intro, Sir Magnus delivers the captivating verse in octaves. He has a strong, soulful voice with an emotive edge that gives his music an added depth and, most importantly, a gift for writing great melodic hooks.

Infinity is convincing proof of this, launching into an instantly memorable and catchy chorus bolstered by a massive beat. Lyrically it captures the passion of infatuation in simple but very effective terms: “This is infinity, baby…keep rushing in…”. With its radio friendly sound and killer hook, it’s a natural choice as a lead single.

Next comes the hypnotic futurepop of Armor, where his EDM influence comes to the fore. Based around a pulsing “four to the floor” kick, Sir Magnus delivers another superb lead vocal. Lyrically, it challenges the traditional view of a man being unemotional and distant, advocating for a more open and vulnerable approach as captured by the title hook: “I will take my armor off”. Again, it’s a clever fusion of sophisticated pop with the synth euphoria of modern dance music.

Silver Magic Jesus is a very interesting track, starting out with just acoustic guitar and vocal. It captures the inner conflict of someone with a strong religious faith having “fallen from grace” with a carnal experience. This moral and spiritual conflict is depicted in lines like: “I feel so guilty but I feel so beautiful, the way you work me, you’re like an archangel…”. From the midway point, the music develops in an unexpected way, with a strong influence of dubstep in the Skrillex-style sawtooth synths and rapid fire bass drum patterns. An excellent track highlighting the complex relationship between sexuality and faith.

The following 5k Shuffle is another example of how Sir Magnus deftly blends memorable pop melodies with the entertaining infectious energy of an EDM track. With a fantastic vocal melody that brought to mind vintage Michael Jackson from the 70’s, this then merged into the expected format of an EDM track with its rises and drops. Lyrically, it’s a light hearted song about the need to escape with a little hedonism now and then. Another gem of a track.

Imagination Brilliance Sequence is an interesting instrumental interlude that shows his strength as a composer. Clocking in at two minutes, it makes a strong impression with strident strings and then a swirl of intricate synths.

This is followed by the brilliant Prism, which acts as the perfect showcase for his affecting vocal style. Singing in his upper register, his vulnerability shows though in the understated but very memorable chorus hook: “I want to diffuse your light like a prism, I want to shield my eyes when you’re like this”. Starting out like an emotive pop ballad, it builds into a euphoric EDM anthem with Giorgio Moroder-esque synths and is yet another stand out track. The final track is a remix of another fine track, Fear, which originally featured on another release, Tales Of A Darker Shadow.

Overall, this is a first rate EP from a charismatic and uber talented singer and songwriter. Similar to an artist like The Weeknd, Sir Magnus has an ability to combine songwriting sophistication and musicality with the addictive hooks and sounds of EDM. With award winning success under his belt, it’s about time Sir Magnus is recognised as a major talent and goes global.

VERDICT = 9.1 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner

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