E.P. REVIEW: Blaming Eternia by Bryanna Rain

Bryanna Rain is an author and singer/songwriter from Richmond, VA. Bryanna is an artist who has developed her career through the DIY internet scene, which allows artists to grow organically without needing a vast budget. She released her debut EP, Blameless, through Kounterfeit Records to great acclaim when she was just thirteen. She also performed background vocals on Celadon Candy’s cc:EP and has developed a considerable proficiency and expertise in music production over the years. Her debut release for Exquisite Noise will be out in June this year.

This latest EP, Blaming Eternia, consists of three tracks which display her eclectic and expansive artistic range. The title track begins the EP, starting out with a brooding synth driven intro which bursts into life with a strident, punchy 2/4 beat. It’s Bryanna’s strong lead vocals that then captivate, delivering a soaring lead melody over a descending chord progression. Stylistically, it manages to land in the perfect midway point between pop and EDM, making it equally suitable to radio and the dance floor.

There’s an interesting late 80’s element to the production and songwriting style, an era which continues to influence the music of today. This is combined with a more modern Dua Lipa-esque vibrancy and sound which bodes well for its commercial potential.

With a skyscraper of a chorus and such a passionate vocal performance, as well as an unexpected but great synth solo, it’s easy to understand why this was chosen as the lead track from the EP.

The 80’s vibe continues with the infectious second track Phospene, Dreaming. The music grabs you from the opening bars, the hypnotic opening line, “I close my eyes” becoming a mesmerising refrain throughout the song. With its intricate, pulsing synths and lyrical otherworldliness (“Outer space is where I belong”) it creates an intoxicating musical concoction. Bryanna’s charismatic voice really shines on this track and combined with the cutting edge, futuristic production, would also make an excellent single release in itself.

The third and final track, Sleeping, is a real contrast, an acoustic rendition of a well known song from the 90’s, Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer. Whereas the original was an epic pop production this version takes the opposite approach, stripping it back to just vocals and acoustic guitar. This allows Bryanna’s voice to come to the fore, giving a measured yet highly emotive performance, full of nuance and intimacy. This exceptional version also brings out the romantic melancholy of the song which was not fully captured in the original version. It is perhaps the most impressive vocal performance on the EP, showing Bryanna’s impressive range and beautiful singing tone.

Overall, this is a very fine EP from a gifted singer and songwriter who has emerged from the internet DIY music scene. With a powerful and distinctive voice that can rival Beyoncé and Rihanna, her music blends modern EDM/dance with more traditional pop styles to create a sound that is uniquely her own. Furthermore, her abilities as an author mean that her lyrics have a poetic sensibility that you don’t find in much mainstream music. Hopefully, that will change with Bryanna’s inevitable success as she reaches a wider audience. With further material of this quality, I’d say Bryanna Rain is heading for the top.

VERDICT = 9 out of 10

Visit Bryanna’s Official Website HERE

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