SINGLE REVIEW: Beast Made Of Steel by Rob Georg

Rob Georg is a country singer and songwriter originally hailing from Tuebingen in Germany. He became interested in music as a child, taking up the piano and then switching to guitar. He bought his first guitar at just 14 and this led to writing his own material. In 2018, he released his first official song Push That Horn and in December of that year came his first full band release, This Ain’t My First Rodeo. That song made it into the US National Radio Hits AC Charts Top Ten and since then he has released Ghost and Time For Some Ink, both of which I reviewed highly favourably (read here, here and here).

This latest track, Beast Made Of Steel, is one of his more upbeat and lyrically lighthearted tracks, co-written with Kristin K. Smith and Skot Bradley. It’s essentially a tribute to truckers and written from their perspective. After a brief slide guitar intro the first verse captures the essence of a trucker’s life and the lyrics display a Johnny Cash-style wit and poetic quality: “I’m chasin’ heat mirages, trying to stay out of garages from Houston to the hills of Tennessee…”.

Rob’s authentic vocal performance here is first rate, singing in a baritone register that suits him down to the ground. Augmented by strummed acoustic guitar and rich organ, a meaty beat enters for the memorable title hook. The second verse has some humorous lines highly relevant to our era: “Getting brainwashed by some crackpot who thinks that everything is just one big conspiracy…”. The final choruses take the song to the next level, firstly through a mass singalong of the title hook then modulating to a higher key, finishing the track on a high.

Overall, this is another very enjoyable release from the prolific Rob Georg. It’s authentic country written and performed to perfection , with a playful tone and a decidedly modern twist to the lyrics. Naturally, it will be particularly popular in the trucking community but the song has a universal appeal and should increase his army of fans even further.

VERDICT = 9 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

Watch the video on YouTube HERE


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