SINGLE REVIEW: No More Games by Dejhare


Dejhare is a singer and songwriter based in San Jose, California. She first released an eponymous six-track E.P. in the autumn of 2018, which was popular. Dejhare is currently busy working on the release of singles and her full album which is scheduled to be out late summer. She has completed the album with help from her collaborator/co-producer Robert Berry.

Her music is an eclectic mix of pop, jazz, Motown, soul, dance, soft rock and acoustic. Already this year she has released the singles Trust My Love and What Is Love?, which have both generated acclaim and high listening figures on streaming platforms.

This latest single, No More Games, is an upbeat pop track from her upcoming debut album Unbreakable. Built around an infectious groove and instantly catchy synth melodies, Dejhare’s distinctive, exotic lead vocals are what helps this song truly stand out from the crowd. Her voice has a unique tone that brought to mind pop legend Gloria Estefan and she delivers an emotive and compelling performance here.

Lyrically, it depicts a struggling relationship where is she is being badly treated by her lover, captured succinctly by the addictive chorus hook: “No more games….no more drama”. The catchiness is enhanced by the use of syncopated rhythms and musically enhanced by string lines that either double the vocal melody or provide an effective counterpoint.

The production is also augmented by brass in certain sections and after the fine middle eight, we hear an unexpected but very slick keyboard solo (presumably performed by Robert Berry, a progressive rock musician as well as producer). The song finishes with reiterations of the title hook.

Overall, this is a well written, performed and produced pop track that recalls the great production style of 80’s pop yet still sounds decidedly modern. Dejhare has a strong voice and artistic persona which will continue to win her new fans, especially if she continues to release quality material like this.


VERDICT = 8.6 out of 10           

Alex Faulkner



Listen here:



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