SINGLE REVIEW: Romance (from the White Light Collection) by Tony Newton


Tony Newton is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with a fascinating history anda career in the music industry that spans over thirty years. After being somewhat of a child prodigy playing in orchestras, it was as a virtuosic bass player that he played on many classic Motown recordings as part of the legendary team of session musicians the  Funk Brothers. Tony can lay claim to playing on hits by Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & The Supremes and Stevie Wonder, amongst many others.

He also acted as musical director to Smokey Robinson and in his youth was the prize student of his bass tutor, the legendary James Jamerson (himself a Motown recording staple). He can also lay claim to being one of the creators of the Jazz-Rock-Fusion genre with Miles Davis’ drummer in the Tony Williams Lifetime. Since then he has developed his talents as a composer and even formulated his own acclaimed harmonic language which he calls ‘novaphonic sound’, which is based on quartal and quintal harmonics.

This piece for solo piano, Romance, follows on from his previous release Prophecy (which I reviewed very favourably back in August) and is also taken from his album White Light Collection. After the tumultuous drama of Prophecy this piece is more mellow and meditative as well as being infused with a deeply romantic vibe, as the title implies.

Once again, it has been composed in Tony’s unique ‘novaphonic’ style, beginning with a magical introduction based on quintal harmonies at the upper end of the piano. It then branches out into an instantly memorable and haunting melody, which is simple but highly effective and embellished by mellifluous ornamental runs in the right hand. The left is based mostly on low-end arpeggios that drive the music and add to the mood. Conjuring an intoxicating sound world, the music gradually casts a mesmeric spell on the listener across the five and a half minute duration of the piece.

Overall, this is another classic solo piano piece by Tony Newton. Musically, it feels as if Tony has landed on the perfect midway point between jazz and classical with the rich and exotic harmonies of the former combining with the accessible melodicism of the latter. His unique use of harmonic language also means his music stands apart, although I can’t think of another living composer working on his level. Tony Newton’s music is truly in a league of its own.


VERDICT = 9.3 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


Preview the White Light Collection HERE




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