SINGLE REVIEW: Hit It Then I Quit by Pascal Stadelmann ft. Fabian Beerli


Pascal Stadelmann is a 19 year old RnB/hip hop/EDM artist. In 2018, he has already released several singles across an eclectic range of genres including house (E-Waves and Heaven), dubstep (It’s Hard), and hip hop/rap (TypeBeats and Squeezing). This ability to write in different styles has already proven his artistic versatility, all the more impressive for his young age. However, he’s now decided to concentrate on RnB and hip hop.

This track, Hit It Then I Quit, is an RnB/hip hop track also featuring Fabian Beerli. It begins with a simple but effective chord progression on piano which is interweaved with a synth melody throughout. The vocals enter quickly, immediately grabbing the listener with both the smooth, distinctive voice and irresistible vocal melody. The beat is sparse but grooves the track along and, most importantly, allows the vocal hooks to take the spotlight and truly shine.

Lyrically, it’s a confident expression of prowess with the ladies and a casual approach: “Wake up in the morning, catch a fly….”. The chorus varies the vocal melody of the verse by becoming more rhythmic and allowing more space between words. This contrast is highly effective and the main hook latches in the mind very quickly. I soon found myself humming it which is always a good omen, commercially speaking.

Overall, this is a slinky and deceptively catchy RnB/hip hop fusion that will work both on the radio and the dancefloor in the clubs. Pascal Stadelmann is clearly advanced for his age as an artist, and Hit It Then I Quit makes a strong case for his musical credentials. With slick modern-sounding production and easy-on-the-ear vocals, it has everything necessary to kick down the door to commercial success.


VERDICT = 8.7 out of 10

Alex Faulkner


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