SINGLE REVIEW: Rise With Me by Goodieboyz ft. SumBoyRay, Switch and The Collective


Goodieboyz are a hip hop/rock collective with an interesting backstory. In 2005, they were inspired to start a ‘virtual band’ after being inspired by the group Gorillaz, who were ‘fronted’ by cartoon characters created by artist Jamie Hewlett, with music written by Damon Albarn. Although not an initial success, Goodieboyz are now back and this year reached #1 on the NumberOneMusic charts with a remix of the track Down The Drain by Marcy Playground.

This track, Rise With Me, is an anthemic hip hop track featuring the talents of SumBoyRay, Switch and The Collective. The message of the track is surprisingly deep and spiritual. It begins with the sung vocal refrain: “We used to fear things that were dangerous, now the people think it’s them or us, if we’re not united, divided we someday fall….”. It’s a highly relevant message in this climate of racism and identity politics.

The different artists featured take turns trading verses and the second time we hear the chorus refrain, it explodes with stacked harmonies and a low end guitar riff that adds a rock edge to the sound. Their loving, peaceful anti-racism message is captured succinctly in these lines: “All brothers from another mother, the only difference is the shade of my skin colour and common sense….”.

Overall, this is a truly inspiring hip hop/rock fusion track with an important spiritual message for society in this era of political conflict and tension. When there is also so much infighting in the hip-hop world, it’s refreshing to hear something so positive. The message is set to well-crafted, hugely memorable music, and has the potential to become a huge anthem. I hope this time round, Goodieboyz get the recognition they deserve.


VERDICT: 9 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

Listen here:

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