SINGLE REVIEW: Safe And Warm (Lullaby For Jesus)


Katie Garabaldi is an award winning alternative folk/Americana singer and songwriter hailing from San Francisco Bay. Her music is comparable to artists like Jewel and Sheryl Crow, though her influences range from The Beatles to pop artists like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. She has amassed a large fanbase due to her extremely popular live performances and was named in the Top 100 Live Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine, amongst numerous other awards including Songwriter of The Year by Songsalive! in 2012.

This song, Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus), is taken from her holiday album Home Sweet Christmas, consisting of originals, and it’s a touching expression of her strong Christian faith. Starting off with gentle strummed acoustic guitar, Katie’s crystal clear, almost angelic vocals take centre stage and command your attention. As the song progresses, a soul and gospel influence begins to emerge with some breath-taking stacked vocal harmonies on the second section of the song, which have been superbly arranged.

Lyrically, it’s a song of gratitude for the comfort she gains from her deep faith: “You are number one in my heart, I turn to you when each day is through.…”. The result is a hugely uplifting song that also captures the magical spirit of Christmas, the whole theme of the album it’s taken from. Special mention should go to the flawless production which allows Katie’s musical vision to be fully realized.

Overall, this is an extremely well written, performed and arranged track by a highly gifted singer and songwriter. While this particular song will resonate most with those who share her faith, there is much to enjoy for anyone who appreciates finely crafted music produced to a high standard. I expect Katie Garibaldi’s success and fanbase to increase with every future release and she may well one day become a household name.


VERDICT = 8.8 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

Listen here: 

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