SINGLE REVIEW: No Regrets by Ben Green


Ben Green is a nineteen year old Rap/Hip Hop and R&B artist hailing from Venice, CA. As an artist, he has always had a deep passion passion for songwriting, in particular the genre of hip-hop. He cites various artists as musical inspirations and influences including Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kodak Black and Mac Miller, amongst others. This year, he has already released the track Change Up, and plans to release a series of singles culminating in an album release.

This single, No Regrets, is an R&B track with a strong EDM influence in the cutting edge production. It’s the perfect showcase for his talents as a singer and lyricist. Starting with a short synth based intro, the vocals enter and his distinctive voice and smooth lyrical delivery become immediately apparent. Over an intricate, skittish R&B groove and deep dub bass, he conveys a positive message about making the most of your life.

He eloquently references how difficult it can be becoming successful in the era of detractors on social media: “When yo life starts getting amazing, them haters be trying to take it, gotta make a decision like matrix, be a boss or be a basic“. Vocally, his performance is somewhere between singing and rapping, combining melody with a strong command of language and wordplay that is equal to the best rappers out there. The inspirational tone is emphasized in the final lines: “You can have it all, you can have everything…”.

Overall, this is a very fine single from a young R&B/hip hop artist who has his finger on the pulse musically. His unique fusion of genres and combined talents of singing/rapping give him the edge over his contemporaries, aided by slick modern production that makes it suitable both for radio and a potential hit on the dancefloor. With further releases of this quality, soon Ben Green will be the rising star on everyone’s lips and this track will be a big stepping stone to his success.

VERDICT: 8.7 out of 10

 Alex Faulkner

Listen here:


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