SINGLE REVIEW: This Is Love I’m Feeling by Emmanuel Dalmas ft. Kirby Howarth


Emmanuel Dalmas is a multi-genre composer based in the South West of France. He started composing in late 2016 as a weekend hobby, and produces his music in his home studio, often  collaborating with various vocalists. His compositional range is hugely eclectic, from classical to reggae and rap, with New Age, lounge, pop, dance and experimental in between.

This song, This Is Love I’m Feeling, shows his songwriting extending into the country genre. Vocally, it is performed by Kirby Howarth, whose warm and emotive voice is perfectly suited to the material. It starts with crystal clear picked acoustic guitar,  a melodic bassline and some understated but effective country-style lead guitar. The vocal melody is memorable without being repetitive, and the music is very well crafted with some unexpected chord changes.

Lyrically, it is deeply romantic in tone as the title suggests, and the emotional depth in the words allows it to transcend cliché and sentimentality: “I was living life in the shadows when you came into my life….”. Special credit should also go to the nuanced and tasteful production, which is of the highest standard and bodes well for its commercial potential. In fact, with its very pop sound you could imagine it on the radio next to artists like Justin Timberlake, who also recently began fusing country and modern pop.

Overall, this is a superbly written, arranged and produced song by a versatile and accomplished songwriter/composer. The song is genuinely touching, aided by a wonderful vocal performance from Kirby Howarth. With its radio-friendly sound and wide ranging commercial appeal, this could be the song that really puts Emmanuel Dalmas on the map.


VERDICT: 8.8 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner

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