SINGLE REVIEW: Touch Me by Ellaye

Ellaye - Touch Me (Explicit).jpg

Ellaye is a singer songwriter who’s new on the scene and for her first release, she is letting the music do the talking. No biographical information is available thus far, and this mysterious element to an artist can be very effective in gaining traction and attention early on (for instance, the hugely successful Scottish group Chvrches rose to fame by initially putting their material online and it began to go viral).

This debut single, Touch Me, is a lyrically steamy RnB/dance track that most certainly captures the listener’s attention from the start. Beginning with a synth intro that sets a sultry mood, a languid but intricate RnB beat kicks in, giving the track a slinky, sexy feel. Ellaye’s vocal style is breathy and seductive on this track which perfectly reflects the sensual nature of the lyrics.

Major pop artists like Prince and Madonna found huge success making openly erotic music, and this song manages to balance explicit lyrics with a subtle, understated performance that means only a close listen to the words would result in raised eyebrows. There’s also a poetry to lines like, “Ocean stroking, in slow motion…he’s so perfect in this moment, got me open, losing focus…”.

Overall, this is a striking and bold debut single release from an intriguing and  enigmatic singer/songwriter. With a strong sensual aspect to her music, this song should generate a fair amount of interest and publicity from the media and public alike. However, the most salient aspect is that this is a very catchy, well produced track containing a seductive performance from Ellaye, who I think we will be hearing a lot of in the future.


VERDICT: 8.4 out of 10

 Alex Faulkner

Listen here:    


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