E.P. REVIEW: Another Round by Uncle Brent & The Nostone



Uncle Brent & The Nostone are a four-piece Americana band hailing from Austin, Texas. They have been together over a decade and have become huge favourites on the live circuit there, leading to plaudits including being nominated Best New Band in Presidential Glen. Uncle Brent is the front man of the group, contributing guitar and lead vocals, assisted by Jimmy Durham on lead guitar, Chuck Smith on bass and Emilio Ramos on drums.

This EP, Another Round, follows on from the 2015 EP, Bobbing For Crapples. It consists of two tracks in contrasting styles, Salt and Lime and Sarah’s Creek. The former is an upbeat country rock song that nicely showcases their strengths as a band. Uncle Brent’s assured, authentic vocals are backed up by some fine musical synergy from his band mates, sounding like a group that’s played together for years.

Lyrically, it’s a good-time ode to a wild night where the drinks will be flowing: “Senorita Margarita, won’t you come over tonight…”. The title, of course, derives from what people like to enjoy with their tequila, and you could imagine a packed bar loving this music. It has a nice middle eight breakdown section featuring some lush piano work, before blasting back into a succinct guitar solo and a couple of choruses to round it off. Great track.

The following Sarah’s Creek could not be more different, both musically and lyrically. Consisting of just guitars and vocal to begin with, Brent gives a sensitive and affecting vocal performance on a song about the difficult subject of child abuse happening undetected: “In that little house across the street in Sarah’s Creek, lives a monster of no good….”. It’s a powerful and moving song that builds to an emotional climax which feels cathartic. A very brave and well executed piece of songwriting.

Overall, this is a very fine EP that shows two different sides to this first rate Americana band. Salt and Lime is classic country rock guaranteed to get toes tapping, whilst Sarah’s Creek is poignant and deeply moving. Contrasting the good and bad sides to life is the role of the artist, and this band can feel very proud of their work. Assuredly a huge hit with their existing fanbase, this should also make them plenty more new ones along the way.


VERDICT: 8.6 out of 10 


Alex Faulkner

Visit the official website HERE





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