SINGLE REVIEW: Such Is Not by Jamit


Jamit is an electronica/EDM composer and producer who grew up in Australia but is now based in Singapore. Not much is yet known about his genesis as a composer but the past few months have seen a plethora of instrumental releases, including The Original, Style And Fashion, Solar Power and Star of Wonder. His music is essentially psychedelic trance with other aspects of EDM genres incorporated into the sound, along with innovative use of spoken word samples.

This track, Such Is Not, is a perfect example. Clocking in at an epic six and a half minutes, it leaps out of the blocks straight away, opening with a pulsing ‘four to the floor’ kick and a burst of colourful, swirling synth patterns. It creates a mesmeric mood that captivates the attention immediately. Around the first minute mark we hear the first use of vocal samples, this one in Spanish. The music then abruptly changes to a lower key which draws the listener in further.

Around the three minute mark we hear the sample from which the title is derived, taken from a novel by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle: “Such is not in accord with humanitarian considerations..”. Perhaps a prescient quote to use considering the current political climate, and the use of this author’s work seems apposite given the futuristic vibe of Jamit’s music. As the track progresses, the interweaving synth patterns develop in subtle but effective ways, along with another couple of modulations.

Overall, this is an inventive and highly enjoyable psytrance track that manages to be both blissfully chilled out yet addictive at the same time. The use of samples is tastefully done, lending variety to the soundscape. With a high level quality of production and his own inimitable style, Jamit has what it takes to make his mark in the saturated but still hugely popular world of EDM.


VERDICT: 8.4 out of 10

Alex Faulkner

Listen here:



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