SINGLE REVIEW: Superman (Acoustic) by Dalal ft. Robin De Lano



Dalal is a singer/songwriter, composer and actress hailing originally from Austria. Interestingly, she is the direct descendant of Franz Seraph von Bruchmann, who was the lyricist for the great composer Franz Schubert. She moved to New York City and began her musical career, releasing the single Taste The Night and performing to acclaim at fashion shows.

This track, Superman, is an acoustic version of a song that was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award. Dalal has an instantly distinctive and powerful voice with a large range that comes into play on the uplifting chorus, which is augmented by tasteful backing harmonies. Along with acoustic guitar, there is a striking classical influenced piano melody. It also features the vocals of singer and actress Robin De Lano.

Lyrically, its about self belief and overcoming adversity, as exemplified on the chorus: “I’m not a victim, baby I’m Superman…yeah I can save myself and never take off my cape…take a good look at me and never forget my face…”. As the track develops, subtle strings further add to the instrumental blend and give more of a classical feel.

Overall, this is a fine version of an excellent song. An acoustic version of any song shows whether it stands up without all the gloss of a full studio production. This one shows its quality with just a few instruments and Dalal’s superb vocals. In fact, this version would make a perfect single in itself and it is quite common for alternate versions to be preferred to the original, as often less is more.


Alex Faulkner

VERDICT: 8.8 out of 10


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