SINGLE REVIEW: I Keep This Darkness by Will Moffett


Will Moffett is an emerging singer songwriter hailing from Chicago whose songwriting style has helped him gain a following. His previous singles Being Ignored and I Want My Money Back were released to a favourable reception. He sees his strengths as his emotional authenticity and honesty, which is certainly present on this song.

I Keep This Darkness is a sensitive piano ballad about feeling lovelorn about a relationship not going well. After a brief piano introduction, he starts with the song’s chorus which is its strongest point and instantly conveys his feelings: “I keep this darkness to ease the pain… I got lost in your charm game…“. It is backed by some nice harmonies, the piano augmented by clean electric guitar, and effectively simple bass and drums.

Will has a nice singing voice, though there are moments where he loses his pitch and rhythm slightly, which is an area he can work on. The lyrics are mostly fine, and powerful in their emotional vulnerability, though he should try to avoid obvious clichés which occur on certain lines (“How I long to hold you tight…”). The lead guitar sections works well, adding to the song’s mood.

Overall, this is a promising song from a young songwriter who is still developing his potential and songwriting craft. He certainly has the ability to write memorable and emotive melodies which is the most important aspect in writing any kind of music, and I think he will grow and improve as he writes more and increases his experience.


Alex Faulkner


VERDICT: 7.2 out of 10


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