ALBUM REVIEW: Future’s Future by XT Dream


XT Dream is an experimental/spiritual hip hop artist hailing from Las Vegas. He describes music ‘as my pathway of sharing energy, wisdom, philosophy and emotion like no other.’ From that, you can tell that he takes a different approach to most hip hop artists who are often more concerned with materialism and bragadaggio. XT Dream has more in common with artists like De LA Soul.

This album, Future’s Future, consists of sixteen tracks of laid back hip hop. It starts with the fun and catchy twenty second title track, sung by a sweet sounding female vocalist. Light Signal sets out his more standard sound, swirling synths and a subtle beat providing the backdrop for XT Dream to lay down his free flowing, stream of consciousness style rapping. His thought provoking lyrics are about some deep concepts: ‘Together we are where are physical and spiritual bodies meet to create the rarest mystique….”.

Grand Scheme has more of a punchy beat and though a short track, it finds time to lay down a catchy hook: “Can we believe in all we see? It is all inside of me…”. Love (Rebirth) is an excellent track built around a memorable synth line and several powerful lyrical hooks that make it one of the catchiest of the tracks on the album, the main hook running “Love is all I’ve got, love is never lost….”. A potential single.

Friendship opens with a surreal Christopher Robin quote before it develops into a psychedelic, blissed out track and lyrically starts with a message by Lalania. Wandering Zintok has a telling line that shows his difference to the hordes of violence obsessed hip hop stars: “Gotta pull the trigger on releasing creativity not killing people“.

Feelin’ It feat. Le Real is a nice track, built around a soulful sample over which XT Dream and Le Real trade verses, their styles complementing each other. Old Hope is another strong track with a bright synth melody, while Peaceful Sentiments is a mellow contrast with some gorgeous acoustic guitar running through it.

Prosperity has one of the funkiest beats and a cool flute sample as the platform for his inspiring spiritual message, with a simple hook: “For me, this is where my muse is…”. Faded Nation of Dreaming suggests he is not averse experimenting with psychotropic substances for inspiration: “The path I take is not for the simple, altered states after the workplace…”.

Not Human At All feat. Jakim Jarel is a fine track with an eerie disembodied voice singing the hook, which is effective. Future Judgement is one of his more heartfelt expressions of feeling, suggesting we turn away from organized religion and evil (“rebel against the devil“) and centres around the line “I want everyone to know how I truly feel inside…”. Can’t Quit It is a memorable way to close the album, showing his devotion to his spiritual mission and finishing with his catchphrase “Stay true…”.

Overall, this is a great alternative hip hop album from a unique artist who has his mind on much higher things than most rappers out there. His lyrical style is original, his message is uplifting and perfect for this zeitgeist of growing spiritual awakening. He deserves to be heard by a wide audience.


Alex Faulkner


VERDICT: 8.5 out of 10



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