SINGLE REVIEW: Coffee Beans by Jehry Robinson


Jehry Robinson is a reggae/ska/hip hop artist, songwriter and producer hailing from Long Island, New York. After growing up making tracks in his parents basement, he dropped out of college to record his first project and sold 4000 copies hand to hand. He eventually signed a deal with producer Jason Nevins and has performed with artists like Tyga, We The Kings and Slick Rick. He is due to release his debut album in 2015.

This track, Coffee Beans, is a languid paced reggae/ska track with a minimalist backing that allows the focus on the vocal melody. Over just pulsing, rhythmic organ and a soft beat, Jehry lays down an infectiously catchy vocal line that you soon find yourself humming along to, and only takes a couple of listens to permanently latch in your head.

He has a fine voice and is doubled up on certain lines by a deep, gravelly black man’s voice which adds to the authentic reggae vibe. The track’s main hook is lyrically mysterious which suits the quirky nature of the whole song: ‘Only in the summer keep me under your umbrella tonight…I can go and get your coffee, can forgive you if you’re sorry, but I’m pretty sure that you’re not… ‘

Overall, this is a deceptively catchy reggae track that becomes quickly addictive to listen to. He has forged his own distinctive style over the years and honed his craft to the point where he can lay claim to a unique sound. You can imagine this track being a firm favourite with fans, and will make him plenty more.


Alex Faulkner


VERDICT: 8.8 out of 10


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