SINGLE REVIEW: No Hope by Nikki Angels


Nikki Angels is a 20 year old goth/rock/pop singer and songwriter hailing from Cologne, Germany. She has found that music is a way to communicate with people better than she can verbally and hopes to make the listener feel the passion that she does. She cites many influences, among them Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin and Avenged Sevenfold, though also cites non-rock influences such as ABBA and film composer John Williams.

This track, No Hope, was recorded at KMS Studios and is a great showcase for her music. She has a strong voice not dissimilar to Evanescence’s Amy Lee and indeed that band is clearly her biggest influence.

The track consists of a powerful combination of hard hitting drums and heavy electric guitars that act as a nice contrast with her passionate vocals, sung in the upper part of her range. There are some nice Avenged Sevenfold style harmonized lead guitar licks also.

Lyrically, the song appears to be about betrayal and seeing through someone who appears to care but really doesn’t: “Your eyes are full of fake concern…”. The verse builds to an epic chorus, that is both uplifting while being lyrically dark (“Humanity’s gone, no hope for eternity“). After the second chorus there is a nice breakdown section that makes the last chorus more effective.

Overall, this is a very good song in the Evanescence style that shows Nikki Angels is both an excellent singer and songwriter. As she evolves as an artist, she will develop a unique style of her own but this is a highly promising start to her musical journey.


Alex Faulkner


VERDICT: 8.4 out of 10



One comment on “SINGLE REVIEW: No Hope by Nikki Angels

  1. This was really nice. I look forward to hear more from this clearly talented woman.

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