SINGLE REVIEW: Love Ain’t A Prize by Donica Knight


Donica Knight is a singer hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. She developed her love for the stage when she became the lead singer in a cover band Lucky Town and performed many gigs, honing her craft. She has since headed to Nashville and shared the stage with Lynryd Skynrd, 3 Doors Down and Kenny Rogers, amongst many others.

This track, Love Ain’t A Prize, is an infectiously upbeat country rock song that is the perfect showcase for Donica’s vocal abilities. She has a distinctive, expressive voice with a large range and a radio friendly tone, not unlike Shania Twain. The song’s hook immediately latches in your head, and it’s rare for a song to be instant that stands up to repeated listening.

The music is built around a catchy picked banjo melody that is aided by a vibrant funky bassline and driving drums. Along with Donica’s huge singing performance, she is backed by some superb backing singers that fill out the sound. Lyrically, it’s about how she feels that love must be genuine, as explained by the song’s other catchy refrain “You can’t buy a Southern girl’s heart…”.

Overall, this honestly strikes me as an instant classic of its genre, but would appeal to far more than just country fans, such is its appeal. If this song doesn’t break Donica Knight into the big time, then I don’t know what song will! The production is first class, and is perfect as a song to take to radio.

Alex Faulkner

VERDICT: 9.4 out of 10


One comment on “SINGLE REVIEW: Love Ain’t A Prize by Donica Knight

  1. Jim Huff says:

    Thanks for the great review !!

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