RobbieZ is a rap/hip hop artist hailing from Atlanta, USA. He is currently setting out on getting his name known and this track was produced by Coyote Diamonds and mixed by Radbooley. As a white rapper, he inevitably gets compared to Eminem, something which doesn’t amuse him and he makes a reference to that in this track. His music is a fairly raw style of hip hop, though the production is pretty slick.

Starting with an instantly catchy string synth riff which morphs into a rawer synth sound, RobbieZ enters and immediately captivates with an arresting rapping delivery style. A slinky hip hop beat then kicks in, with some complex hi hat patterns introduced gradually. He shows a flair for rhythm and rhyme, laying down his lines fast but with clarity.

The lyrics confront some of the issues he faces as a white rapper trying to make it: ‘Many men call me Eminem cos I’m a white boy, whenever they call me Slim, I just wanna fight boy…..People say I ain’t bad enough, had too much of that pampered life but they only saying that cos I’m white..’

Overall, this is an impressive hip hop track that shows RobbieZ is a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop scene. He has his own style and comes across as the ‘real deal’ with plenty to say. With Eminem now past his best, maybe it’s time for a new white boy in town.

Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

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