ALBUM PREVIEW: Songs from The Journey of Men by Carnelia


Carnelia are an alternative rock band hailing from Athens, GA. Their music can roughly be described as alt. rock but they are varied in their influences, combining the musical sophistication of prog rock band Coheed and Cambria with the inventive humour of Tenacious D and the best elements of bands like Jimmy Eat World and AFI, along with wide ranging non-rock influences.

They have completed a ten track concept album called The Journey Of Men and they are releasing interlinked music videos one at a time, for every track. First track Africa starts with picked acoustic guitar and develops into a gradually building song that appears to be about getting high with some Africans! The chorus is uplifting and the track really takes off when the drums and heavy guitars kick in. There is some superb lead guitar work towards the end.

Alien has more of a modern sound with synths added to the musical mix, leading into a funk rock sound with a nice groove. This song is about alien abduction and delivers another memorable chorus: “Were we abducted by aliens but don’t know how? Were we mistaken for a cow?“. It breaks down to a sparse electronica beat before the blast chorus, which is a nice touch.

Way Down To Mexico is another entertaining rock/pop track, this one about eating a particularly potent taco in Mexico. The chorus is more understated on this song yet is deceptively catchy, and the one I found myself humming afterwards.

Fourth track, the brilliantly named Zombie in Ducktown which is about trying to kill a zombie. The dynamics on this one are superb, full of stop starts, tempo changes and rhythmic ingenuity yet the track still flows well, with the band truly gelling as a musical unit.

Overall, these four songs show a band fully developed musically and also in terms of production. They have combined their influences to form a sound that is different to most bands out there, and they clearly know how to write consistently good songs. I look forward to hearing the whole album.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.7 out of 10



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