ALBUM REVIEW: Dark Days and Bright Nights by Luna Rise


Luna Rise are a five piece rock band hailing from Enns in Austria. Their music incorporates and blends many genres of rock, essentially combining the melodic stadium rock style of Bon Jovi with the hard rock/metal elements of bands like Iron Maiden/Metallica such as low end guitar riffs and dark lyrical themes.

Their EP Smoking Kills But Love Can Break a Heart was released to acclaim, with the video for Dead Alley entering rotation on GOTV, Austria’s no.1 music channel. This album consists of twelve tracks and the themes of darkness/light and yin/yang on the album cover are very apt. The music consistently has an uplifting, anthemic quality which is contrasted by the emotional, often dark lyrics.

This is exemplified by opening track Demons Inside, which has a fine vocal performance from Chris Divine and a monumental chorus: “Where was your love when I needed it most? You’ve left me with demons inside…”. It also contains a blistering guitar solo from the brilliantly named Clarance Hell.

Next track RZRKT is also very good, and features a blazing metal-influenced low end guitar riff while third song Valentine shows more of their 80’s melodic rock influences, with piano and synth melodies expanding their sound. I loved the guitar harmonies, chiming riff and epic chorus, completing a strong opening trifera.

This style continues with the catchy Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, while For A Reason is slower, alternating between half time and full time. We then encounter the epic, gradually building The Secret In You before Silent Screams brings back the exciting energy of the first few songs.

Worshippin’ Shadows keeps up the energy and momentum, taken to a higher level with the superb Until The Stars Have Come, which is a male/female duet featuring the fantastic voice of Melanie Himer. In Your Arms stands out with a very quirky keyboard solo, while The Storm and the five-minute epic The Anthem Of The Night brings the album to a strong close.

Overall, a very fine rock/pop album that combines the best aspects of classic/melodic rock songwriting with the more commercial elements of metal. With a strongly commercial sound, there are several potential hits and global success should be just a matter of time.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.4 out of 10


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