SINGLE REVIEW: Drink On by Jordan York feat. Derek Allan


This crossover track is an interesting collaboration between two artists working in different genres – rap/hip hop artist Jordan York and country singer/songwriter Derek Allan who both hail from Pittsburgh. The collaboration developed from the success  of the 2014 Jordan York; Magical Mystery Park Tour where Derek was featured as Jordan’s special guest. They decided to combine forces and write this track, which is being released through Noisetrade records.

They describe the track as a high energy party song and the music effectively juxtaposes a laid back hip hop beat with a memorable electric guitar riff. The verse consists of Jordan’s smooth, distinctive rapping delivery backed by acoustic guitar with some entertaining lyrics: “Kick that keg, sip that bottle…, I’m poolside with America’s top model….”.

This leads to the catchy, anthemic chorus (“Everybody get your drink on…”) sung by Derek Allan over low-end electric guitar chords. The contrast between the rapped verses and sung chorus is very effective, as well as the blend of hip hop, country and rock. There is a short middle eight before one last chorus, and some nice lead guitar towards the end.

Overall, this is an inspired crossover track that successfully mixes genres that you might not naturally think would fit well together. Both artists get to do what their good at and their different abilities/styles complement each other perfectly. It’s the perfect modern party anthem that has across the board appeal and you can imagine it becoming a huge hit.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.4 out of 10



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