SINGLE REVIEW: Hands Up by Sound Beach ft. Alaska MC


Sound Beach is a DJ and producer hailing from Seville in Spain. He started out by DJing for friends and then putting on raves in various venues of Seville. He was then given the opportunity to play various festivals including Seville Fair Festival, Soul Breaks and the Foam Break Festival in Cadiz. He was also the finalist in DJ competitions like Tear Nation 2012 and King Of The Beats.

This track, Hands Up, is an uptempo electro dubstep track that starts with a pounding kick and snare dubstep beat. Alaska MC lays down a spoken word ad lib that gets your attention immediately. We hear a swirling synth riff in the background before chords come in for the instantly catchy chorus hook: “Put your hands up, wanna see those hands up, gotta get them hands up…”.

About a minute and a half into the track we hear some Skrillex-style synth growls which is a common feature in dubstep and adds to the excitement. It breaks down around the three minute mark for a long, very effective build up which makes the beat all the powerful when it kicks back in. Even though it’s a long track at six minutes, it maintains its energy and momentum to the end.

Overall, this is a blazing dubstep track that will go down a storm in the clubs, but is also just enjoyable to listen to. It will be a happy addition to any DJ set and definitely has the potential to be a hit with its addictive chorus hook. Also well worth checking out is the hip hop/trap remix produced by JC from the US.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10


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