SINGLE REVIEW: Camera by Veronika


Veronika is a singer, songwriter and dancer hailing from the Ukraine but now based in the USA. She began her musical journey when she began working with DJ and producer First Craft (Dmitri Stefaniv), a genius who was spotted at the age of only fourteen by Sony. Veronika also became associated with director Yevgeniy Timokhin, whom she met through a mutual friend during casting for a reality TV show.

Her music is pop/dubstep, and you can sense the influence of artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey, though Veronika certainly has a unique style of her own. This track, Camera, is an epic piece of dubstep/Europop that features cutting edge production and a seductive vocal performance from Veronika. Her sultry voice is low on the verses, then higher for the instantly memorable, anthemic chorus, backed up with a pounding dance beat.

There are some incredible vocal effects on the second verse and a swirling synth in the middle section that brought to mind the classic I Feel Love by Donna Summer. Along with this very catchy song is a remarkable video, which features ex gay porn star Francois Sagat. It depicts the controversial love between a Jewish girl and a Muslim and Veronika explains that “there are important messages behind the song and video…. it is about unconditional love and freedom of choice”.

Overall, this is a very well performed and produced pop track that is totally in sync with the current musical zeitgeist and will be popular in the clubs and on radio. Veronika is an artist with a lot to express both musically and visually, and her already huge fan base will continue to rise with strong tracks like this one.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 7.6 out of 10



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