SINGLE REVIEW: Our Song (Boston Strong) by Seth Balestrieri


Seth Balestrieri is a singer and songwriter hailing from Chelmsford, MA. He started writing music at the age of only 15 and is self-taught, often feeling inspired to write when a subject has a strong emotional effect on him. He recently released his first studio album, Bucket List, which has led to acclaim and numerous live performances as well as being featured on radio and television. He cites Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw and Rob Thomas as songwriting influences.

This track, Our Song (Boston Strong), was inspired by the tragedy of the Boston bombing and written to help bring peace to those struggling with the aftermath that or anyone affected by a similar crisis. Starting with picked acoustic guitar and strings, Seth’s powerful and distinctive voice delivers the verse, singing of “reversing the adversity“. It soon reaches the memorable chorus which runs “Don’t dwell on the sadness, we’re all Boston strong… remember there’s peace in our song….”.

The second verse introduces a rolling snare drum pattern that helps give the music a driving momentum, while Seth sings “They say I’m at a tender age but as conflict arises, I can’t help but wonder how can I fight this?” After the second chorus comes a lovely harmony section, before a final chorus with soaring strings brings the song to a rousing climax.

Overall, this is an inspiring and moving track, beautifully written and performed. It will hopefully provide solace to those affected by the Boston bombing tragedy but its message is also relevant to anyone who has had to face tragic events in their lives. Seth Balestrieri has both a fine gift for songwriting as well as a charismatic voice to communicate his emotions, and this could be the song that breaks him into the big time.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.6 out of 10



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