SINGLE REVIEW: Eyes Frozen Cold (You’re Not Alone) feat .AGE. by Tristan Hendy

Logo__DJ_Tristan_Hendy_Original  Tristan Hendy is a producer/songwriter who lives in Los Angeles. He has been involved in music since only five years of age, initially learning the piano. At thirteen, he had a moment of epiphany when he found was able to express himself through his own compositions and this began an obsession with music. Since then, he has been exploring and writing in many diverse genres and styles, with this track a hybrid of hip-hop, dubstep and electronic pop.

It was recorded, mixed and produced by Tristan, with sampled vocals from Arlissa’s well-known You’re Not Alone and featuring male vocals/rapping by .AGE. It begins with futuristic synth lines and dizzying effects floating over a laid-back, hypnotic dubstep beat. The verse vocals are performed with panache and conviction by .AGE. who depicts an encounter with a U.F.O. with his ‘third eye open wide’. Certain lines are emphasised with harmonies which is a nice production touch, adding to the ‘ear candy’.

This leads to the You’re Not Alone section, (which makes sense lyrically, with the extraterrestrial theme) a four-to the floor pounding kick leading to an effective build. The second and third verses carry on the leftfield lyrics, (‘brainwave constellations…’, ‘mystical music’ etc.) giving the track a psychedelic vibe that fits with the chilled-out feel of the music.

Overall, this is an extremely well produced electro-pop/dubstep track that sounds very much of the current era, bringing to mind the hugely popular Major Lazer in the blending of styles that’s still suitable for the clubs and radio. I’d expect Tristan to get some real buzz and serious airplay for this great track.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.6 out of 10



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