SINGLE REVIEW: Naggin’ by Yung We$t


Yung We$t is a rapper/ hip-hop artist hailing from L.A. He was exposed to the harsh realities of life on the streets from childhood and becoming involved in gang life was inevitable. With the tragic loss of his sister in 2005, he turned his attention to hip hop, developing an interest in free-styling and eventually crafting his own songs. He has since featured on mixtapes by Omar Cruz, as well releasing mixtapes of his own. He is now signed to LAB Records and has released two singles, Bang Out and #1000, to an amazing response from fans.

Naggin’ is a track that serves as a taster for his forthcoming All Or Nothing E.P. and was produced by Kev Da Khemist. It starts with an immediately catchy synth melody, then Yung enters with the chorus hook which lodges in the memory straight away. The beat is just a kick and handclap at first, then intricate, funky hi hats come in for the verse.

This is where Yung lays down his aggressive, captivating rapping style. He has a great capacity for rhythm and rhyme, delivered in a seamless, flowing way. Lyrically, it’s about a woman who “ain’t talkin’ sh*t unless it’s about money…”. There is a humour to the rapping and music that reminded me of the best Eminem/Dr. Dre collaborations and would appeal to the same kind of people.

Overall, this is a great choice for a single – it’s insanely catchy, very well produced and showcases Yung We$t as a hip-hop artist with a strong personality and style. It also has a strong summer vibe, so it’s the perfect time to put it out.  It would also be a great track to take to radio…though maybe for that a version with the cuss words bleeped out might be necessary!


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

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