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WE ARE DOOM are a four-piece alternative/electro rock band hailing from Aurora, U.S.A. They are centred around songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist G-Man (Gerardo Vargas). Although the name suggests an extreme death metal band, it is clearly meant tongue-in-cheek and musically, they cite influences like Muse and The Killers. The way they blend electronica with alternative rock is actually perhaps more similar to the current output of bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.

Harmonixxx, the first track, begins with a modern-sounding high-end riff, rhythmic synth patterns giving it an electronica vibe amongst the guitars. G-Man’s vocals are strong and likeable, though more like Mark Hoppus than Matt Bellamy or Brandon Flowers. It is musically upbeat and catchy with a memorable chorus, though lyrically melancholy, about the break-up of a relationship: “From the look on your face to your favourite songs, we’ll never forget what we have done wrong…”

While that song is a strong opening track, it is the following Feels Like Paradise that struck me as the most immediate and commercially viable song on the E.P. It is more electro-pop than rock, with swirling synths the dominant sound. After a sparse verse it builds gradually to a killer chorus that latches itself in your memory after the first listen. This would be the one to take to radio and should maybe be the lead track, in my opinion.

Third track We’ll Find A Way is another very poppy song featuring a four to the floor beat which gives it potential as a dance remix candidate. It has an optimistic vibe and a super catchy chorus, with a vocal style you’d normally find on an alternative rock song. The combination works well, locating the merging point between pop, rock and EDM.

Overall, this is an excellent E.P. that manages to successfully meld various disparate musical styles to create a hybrid sound that they can call their own. Just as importantly, they write consistently catchy songs with cutting-edge production that’s as good as anything you’ll hear on the radio. With an army of fans already built up, and the electro-rock sound very much in vogue, the release of this E.P. could see WE ARE DOOM grow far beyond cult status.

Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10


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