SINGLE REVIEW: Unity (feat. Fuchapro & Mav) by Train City


Train City (real name Steven Carrillo) is a Latino hip-hop/rap artist hailing from Flagstaff, Arizona. He started making music at the age of only twelve and later developed an interest in rapping and the hip-hop world. In 2012, he was signed by Es Oh El Records, one of the major Latino labels worldwide. This track, Unity, features Fuchapro and Mav of Sol Camp, and was produced by Lucci Luke.

It is a slow-paced hip-hop track with a laid back, languorous groove and funky piano that drives the track along nicely. It starts with the sung chorus which has the song’s basic message: “We need to spread more love and unity..”. This leads to the verse where Train City takes the mic, and his upbeat positivity is immediately captivating. His rapping style on this track is confident and direct, with lines like  “Today’s the day that we come as one…tomorrow’s the future, can you see the plan?

After the second chorus Mav of Sol Camp takes over the mic and his rapping style complements Train City nicely, echoing his message that we need to come together rather than stand against each other, with lines like “Less murderin’, more love and peace, I ain’t a hippy but that’s exactly what we need…”.

Overall, this is an inspiring and enjoyable hip-hop track that will be popular with Train City’s existing fanbase and should bring him some new ones. With strong production and a catchy, commercial hook it is also very well suited to radio. Couple that with a great video, and I think Train City may have a hit on his hands. It’s also a necessary and important message to get out to the world right now, so I hope he finds a lot of success with it.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

One comment on “SINGLE REVIEW: Unity (feat. Fuchapro & Mav) by Train City

  1. Krazie Shortie says:

    Train City is great n awsome at bringing others together. Great motivator n awsome father. Hes real different than most hip hop singers. May he great b blessed with his great talent! Big up n much respect Train City! Shine bright like the star u are!

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