E.P. REVIEW: The Wrong Kind of People by Hooyoosay

hooyoosay__The_wrong_kind_of_people__EP_Cover_art__600 Hooyoosay are an unusual and intriguingly mysterious musical group who prefer to remain entirely anonymous, with no biographical details to be found on their website. In this age of endless, almost desperate self-promotion, this is rather refreshing. They describe themselves as making ‘music with no ego’ and there are also no live performances, so the emphasis is entirely based on their recorded work.

This E.P. The Wrong Kind of People consists of four tracks and the title track is first, an upbeat but decidedly quirky and left-field pop song with some wonderfully unexpected chord changes. The vocal sound is quite unique, with male and female lead vocals in tandem at different octaves. Though they have their own style, musically they belong in the same offbeat category as Frank Zappa, The B52’s, They Might Be Giants and Sparks.

Their awareness of their outsider status is reflected in the lyrics (“We’re the wrong kind of people, wearing the wrong kind of clothes..”). Illusionist at Work is a quirky and inventive Zappa-style instrumental with organ, piano, harmonica and guitar weaving some intricate melodies over inventive drumming and percussion. The Wrong Kind Of Hello is like a redux of the title track with The Right Kind Of Friend, a sort of country instrumental version of it.

Overall, this is an excellent E.P. that is joyously free of all commercial considerations and rammed full of musical imagination. If you are bored with the predictable pop of the mainstream, Hooyoosay are here to save the day and show you that music is so much more interesting when you veer off the beaten track. Long may they continue.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.2 out of 10

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://hooyoosay.com



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