SINGLE REVIEW: Moon Time by Chords of Truth

chords-of-truth-mt-cover Chords of Truth is the moniker for singer/songwriter Jason Garriotte, who writes songs in the country/folk/Americana style, comparable with songwriters like Don McLean, Cat Stevens and Ray LaMontagne. Having turned an E.P. of inspirational folk songs, Reflections of Reality, into a collaborative remix project involving many producers and genres, he now returns with the release of the single Moon Time.

This song has an interesting subject behind it, as it was inspired by discovering the 13 Moon Calendar and how our Gregorian calendar puts us out of step with nature. The song is essentially about the mysterious power of the moon on our lives. Musically, it is an upbeat acoustic folk track, with Jason’s distinctive voice being the main aspect that draws the listener in.

The verses have some quite complex and mystical lines that are much deeper than most country songs you’d regularly hear, like “we flow through the spacetime ether in this suit of skin and bones...”. These philosophical lines alternate with the simple, very catchy chorus hook “We’re talkin’ about moon time…”. This contrast works well, and it can be enjoyed as simply a memorable song without knowing the full meaning of the words.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of songwriting. By tackling such an unusual subject matter it helps to give Chords of Truth a unique style, which is perhaps the most important aspect an artist needs in forging a lasting career. With a likeable easy-on-the-ear voice, and a commercial sound perfect for radio, I can imagine Chords of Truth, and this song, going on to eventually become very popular.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

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