E.P. REVIEW: An Electronic Sphere by An Electronic Hero

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An Electronic Hero is the musical brainchild of Federico Foria and this E.P. An Electronic Sphere consists of five tracks, most of which are instrumentals. The music is complex and ambitious with a concept behind it, described as an exploration of the human soul in the electronic age. Musically, it is an inventive and eclectic blend of several genres, including ambient, house and even progressive rock.

Opening track Little Planet gradually weaves a tapestry of intertwining synth melodies that work together well in combination, a pulsing four to the floor beat emerging halfway through with a voice exclaiming “Let’s go!” and the main high melody returns till the finish. Second track Asteroid has a very catchy main synth riff which is added to by supporting melodies as the track goes on, with a subtle kick drum that punctuates the music intermittently.

Third track Oxygen is faster paced, beginning with epic orchestral synths and rolling timpani before another memorable melody takes the lead. An urgent beat kicks in but, again, only briefly, soon dropping out to give way to the layers of textured synth lines. I loved the oboe type sound and the cluster of harmonies around it.

Fourth track Sun is radically different, featuring the lead vocals of Mariax drenched in distortion (perhaps symbolizing the burning heat of the sun) which gives the music a real edge. I loved the simple four note lead synth line around which Mariax bases her vocal melody as well as the swirling melody that envelops it. Final track Moon is quite the opposite, the various mellow, floating melodies evoking the mysterious nature of the moon, and I could hear how prog rock band King Crimson were an influence here. It is by far the longest at five and a half minutes and a great finale.

Overall, this is a very well composed and produced E.P. of inventive and original electronica that has already gained a strong fanbase online. An Electronic Hero makes music with more thought and depth behind it than most, and now is the perfect era for it to reach a wide audience, which I have no doubt it will.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.6 out of 10


3 comments on “E.P. REVIEW: An Electronic Sphere by An Electronic Hero

  1. Mr. Copper says:

    fantastic EP!!!!! great artist !!!!

  2. Vafanguru says:

    one man, one hero… W AEH

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