ALBUM REVIEW: Going by Floris Boere

a2064079042_10 Floris Boere is a young pianist and composer, originally from the Netherlands, who has been playing for 18 years and studied with piano virtuoso Bert van den Brink while in Holland. After moving from Amsterdam to New York, he decided he wanted to write more music and two years later is now releasing his debut album Going, recorded with his American jazz quartet.

The album consists of eight of his compositions, nine tracks in all, which have been recorded to perfection (even mixed and mastered by Boere). The members of his quartet are all superb musicians with Livio Almeida (alto/soprano saxophone) often taking a lead melodic role, which works well in tandem with Boere’s restlessly inventive playing. Alex da Silva (upright bass) and Ellery Russell (drums and percussion) make a great rhythm section and get their moments to shine as well.

The music is contemporary jazz, though would appeal to jazz fans right across the board. Highlights for me were the mellow Breathe In, Breathe Out, the sprightly and upbeat Afternoon Delight, the melancholy Fall’s Return with it’s haunting piano melody and the romantic For The Bride and Groom, which you can imagine newlyweds enjoying a slow dance to at their wedding.

Overall, this is a highly accomplished album both in term of composition and performance, all the more impressive for being the debut of a young man, as both his playing and composing style show a great deal of depth and maturity. I would expect the album to make a strong impression on the New York jazz scene and beyond, I look forward to hearing more of his music for many years to come.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 9.1 out of 10









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