Tracks by Come Up Krew


Come Up Krew are an up and coming hip-hop/rap collective hailing from Somerville, MA in the U.S.A. They have already built a solid and rapidly expanding fanbase, with their music being at the more hardcore end of hip hop. You can hear the influences of rappers like Notorious B.I.G., G-Unit and 50 Cent, though they have their own style.

Hot Nigga (Freestyle Remix) captures them at their most hardcore. Set to a skittish, funky hip-hop beat and a repeating descending riff, each rapper takes turns to display their skills, all with a fast flowing and distinctive style. The lyrics are raw, depicting street life and taunting their rivals. Doin’ Me (prod. by Omito) is lighter in tone, with a well sung chorus hook that begins the track and an amazingly intricate beat.

City Da Profit – Walk With Me has a simply but effective hook, with a haunting piano figure that runs throughout the track while Trilla has one the funkiest beats and a great Link Wray style guitar riff. Swag Drippin’ was the highlight for me, featuring some highly impressive rapid fire rapping and perhaps the most instant chorus hook here. This should definitely be a single.

Block Boys is another catchy track with a more laid back rapping style, while Tuffer ft. TGK begins with a descending piano melody that turns into a synth riff on the verses. It also has an unusual chorus hook that sounds like Barry White with Tourettes. S.S.K. Swag So Killa is the most mellow track and provides a nice contrast then last track Bars To The Industry Freestyle revels in their bad boy stance, featuring the lines “I’m the reason why your little kid is probably smokin’… “.

Overall, this is a very strong collection of tracks, effectively one or two off being a full album, and when that album gets released I think it will make a big impact on the hip hop scene. With several gifted rappers in the group and tracks that will make good singles, Come Up Krew are holding all the cards.


Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.4 out of 10





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